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Since 2010, our mission has been to create digital ecosystems that transform business growth strategies. Do you know where to start from?

A strategic partner

We form strategic partnerships with companies to integrate web technologies that help them innovate and become highly competitive in their business category. This empowers them to experience growth through the evolution of their digital technologies and ensures the effectiveness and sustainability of the solutions that are chosen.

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Our services

W.A.I.’s focus is to solve business problems by applying strategy, research and digital product development expertise to business ecosystems.

1. Analysis of Needs

2. Strategy and Tactics

3. User Experience (UX/UI)

4. Customized Digital Solutions

5. Constant Digital Improvement


Uniformity & Standardization

Simplify and centralize access to information

Speed of process growth

Process digitization, saving time and money

Facilitate change management

Remove frustrations, optimize everyone's tasks

Face your competitors

Enter new markets

"Our solution is integrated in many departments. It made no sense to start over with new business management software that would inevitably bring its share of problems and delays. That's why we liked W.A.I's approach. We were aware of our technological gap, we had to find a way to transform without starting from scratch"

– André Daviault, Cascades Pro's director of marketing

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